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As Central Florida’s longest practicing premier birth center. Our birth team is here to provide you with full-service maternity care that’s individualized to your needs. Have your labor and delivery in Sanford be an empowering and memorable experience. 

Orange City's Most Trusted Birthing Center

Heart 2 Heart Birthing Center has been around longer than anyone else here in Orange City. Our belief is that giving birth should be a comfortable and joyous experience for you. This belief has driven our success for over a decade. We know how stressful it can be to give birth at a hospital where you are seen as just a number. Heart 2 Heart Birth Center in Orange City understands that you are more than just a patient, you’re an individual with unique needs and desires. That’s why we allow mothers to call the shots alongside expert advice for their ideal birth experience! We want your entire pregnancy to be how you envision it from prenatal, labor, delivery, and all the way to postpartum. Be in control with a Orange City birth center you can trust; Schedule with Heart 2 Heart!

Customer Reviews

I had my baby a year ago in Heart 2 Heart. Best birth experience, great pregnancy care. The staff is amazing and I didn't have any issues with communication, my midwife Emily is the best her care and support helped me to have a great pregnancy and birth. I didn't have any issues with payments or fees everything was clear from the begging and the best thing was we didn't have any hospital bills. They offer payment plans and have resources. Don't look any further this is the place to have your baby and change your life!
Estefania Pardo
I first want to say that I am so glad I found Heart 2 Heart! I had been wanting an experience like this since I had my first baby 3 years ago. I am writing this review only a day after I delivered my second daughter. I could not have asked for a better journey. The staff here is excellent and always nice. It’s a really calm environment that also accommodates my busy toddler with toys. Each midwife at this practice was knowledgeable and always had my health in mind. All of my questions were answered along the way. When it was go time I was handled with the best care. I’m glad I was able to do a water birth. I felt in control and empowered the whole way through. I could go on and on about how happy I am. I would definitely choose this birth center over and over again. Special thanks to Emily for your continued encouragement!
Maya Shoemaker
I am a local doula (beBelieve Doula) and have had nothing but amazing experiences with H2H and the entire midwife team. All of my clients have raved about their level of care and how much they felt listened to and welcomed. I love how the team will allow you to birth in your way and leave you alone, giving you your space and privacy. Yet when you need them, they are just in the other room ready to help. The rooms are beautiful and spacious, and give a comfortable home-type feeling. I personally recommend birthing at H2H if you are looking for a birth center atmosphere. They are my favorite birth center in the area. Michelle and her team will take great care of you!
Katrina Curren
Local Doula
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Heart 2 Heart Birth Center In Orange City
We Provide:

OBGYN Services

From the moment you decide to start a family, we're here for every step of your pregnancy. We will do everything in our power so that this journey is special! We offer personalized and caring OBGYN services throughout each stage from preconception until delivery - with an emphasis on maintaining healthy habits during all stages as well-and beyond...

Prenatal Care

We're all about making sure you take care of yourself during pregnancy. You deserve a great experience and we want to be a part of it! We offer prenatal appointments that will give thanks for your amazing journey ahead with your baby-to come, or already here at home in your arms...we'll guide you every step along the way. So don't hesitate to ask us anything as soon as possible.

Natural Childbirth

You are more than welcome to have the natural birth experience of your dreams at our facility. We offer waterbirths and will work with you every step along the way so that this moment becomes as much about YOU as it does for any other mom who has come before!

Postpartum Care

You are not alone! You and your baby will receive post-partum care to ensure that you continue your good health. We meet both physically, emotionally - just like a family member should do for each other after birth.

Lactation Care

The bond between mother and child is one of the most powerful relationships in life. Breastfeeding can be difficult, but our lactation care makes it easier for you to provide your baby with all they need when nursing sessions are done!

Gynecology Services

Our professional gynecology team is here to make sure you are in the best possible shape for pregnancy. We offer comprehensive care that includes checkups, exams and treatment throughout all stages of this amazing journey called motherhood!

Frequently Asked Questions

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center In Orange City, FL

Giving birth at a birth center holds many benefits. The American Association of Birth Centers explains that: 

  • The Cesarean section rate at birth centers is approximately one-half less than that of in-hospital births. 
  • Birth Centers charges for care for normal birth are on average 50% less than uncomplicated births in the hospital.
  • Birth Center programs encourage and help parents become educated while providing routine exams and visits. 
  • Birth centers have a major impact on humanizing maternity services typically provided by hospitals. 

Midwives recognize pregnancy and birth as fulfilling daily life events. Homebirth has not only proven to be beneficial for the mother but also her baby, who is welcomed into this world with love in a comfortable home setting.
The midwifery model of care provides an alternative approach for expecting parents that can make both mommy AND daddy happy. By letting you choose whether you would like your child brought into our world surrounded by peace or joyous celebration under your own home!. Midwifery benefits include: 

  • Individualized Care: Every single decision made about your delivery is made together with you. We will provide you with the educational information and tools to help you make decisions about your childbirth that are informed, safe, and specific to you. 
  • Evidence-Based Care: We offer care that is based on up-to-date research in regards to pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum care so you can feel safe knowing the best practices are being advised. 
  • Comfortable Environment: Your environment your birthing experience and a birth center is the place to set up your environment in a way that makes you feel comfortable and safe. You are in total control.
  • No Separation After Birth: Bonding with your newborn baby is important. At our Birth Center, we facilitate immediate skin-to-skin contact, delay cord clamping, and engage in breastfeeding early. You do not need to worry about being separated from your child after birth.
  • Freedom: Giving birth in a birth center with a licensed midwife allows you the freedom to move eat, bath, or whatever else you need to make your experience positive and memorable. 

Birth centers offer a safe, empowering choice for expectant mothers who want personalized care with an approach that honors the couple’s lifestyle preferences. This is in contrast to hospital-based birthing programs where most women are given Pitocin or other drugs while they’re laboring under light-sighted conditions; it also differs greatly from home birth which can take place anywhere someone feels comfortable giving birth – even your living room!
The difference between these two childbirth models could not be more clear: at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center in Orange City, we make sure every patient has all their questions answered and enjoys personal attention throughout her pregnancy…

Homebirth midwives offer a more natural, personal and intimate experience than hospital birth. Midwifery care is comprehensive during pregnancy as well as postpartum with the goal to make you feel safe in your own home or environment where it’s most comfortable for both mother-to happen
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Hospitals can be a great place to give birth, but there are some differences between hospitals that have implemented this philosophy and those which don’t. A Birth Center will offer personalized attention based on your goals while also focusing heavily on research-backed best practices for maximizing safety during childbirth – they’re perfect if you want more individualized care or flexibility with what happens at home before coming into labor

Midwives are licensed by each state and specialized training in midwifery. They practice according to rigorous, evidence-based standards designed specifically for birth centers so that women can receive high-quality care. Birth centers and midwives are completely safe to trust as long as licenses are in order!

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