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Transfers And Our Birth Renewed Program

Not all births will happen at the birth center or at home. Sometimes it is necessary to go to a local hospital. If this happens, it does not mean you are not under our care anymore. We think of it as a “detour” and once the baby has been delivered and you are discharged, you are back in under our postpartum care.

Transfers and Our Birth Renewed Program Overview


We are especially aware that these particular births require a a bit more attention from our team. Some moms will be disappointed that they did not have their baby at the center, or needed some pain management or even a surgical birth to keep both mama and baby safe.

Birth Renewed Program

Birth Renewed gives birthing people an opportunity to reprocess, unpack and internalize their birthing experiences. This unique release ceremony gives the birthing person a safe environment to release any pain/trauma that they are holding in their hearts and minds. It allows the birthing team a chance to once again enter the birthing circle and fully support the birthing family.

For example, a birthing person who has transferred to the hospital after a planned birth center/home water birth will now have that moment to step back into the birth pool (or bath) and have truly held space and allow them to process their feelings.

The birthing suites are set up the same way as if the family is in labor, dimmed lights, tub filled, soft music, and candles. Once the family feels they have released all that does not serve them at the moment they will be given a light brunch (just as if they had initially given birth), listened too and pampered.

One of our birthing families has generously allowed to share their Birth Renewed video here, highlighting her experience. She gave birth prematurely at home, suddenly and unattended. She says her subsequent experience at the hospital with her (very healthy) newborn was traumatic and her Birth Renewed experience gave her closure. It was beautiful to see the father be able to express how he felt about his birth experience as well.

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During your birth renewed program consultation visit, if you are beyond 7 weeks, we can do a free pregnancy confirmation early ultrasound video as our gift to you.