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Heart 2 Heart Birth Center

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center is now the longest practicing premier birthing center serving the greater Orlando area of Seminole, Volusia, Orange, and Lake Counties of Florida.

Our Legacy

There is a very rich history, including many of this country’s pioneers of modern midwifery who came before us, and that is part of our legacy. We believe every woman deserves to enjoy birth in her own way, and have been helping women to birth naturally, safely, and confidently since 1997.

I had my first baby in 1983 at Family Birth Center in Longwood FL. The midwife was MaryAnn Becker, CNM. The building, still standing today, was an old Victorian home that had been built by a ship merchant. MaryAnn renovated it and I thought it was the loveliest building in the world. I trained as a midwife in that same building, under the same midwives who delivered me.

It took me several years to put together what I felt was missing and it was good old-fashioned Southern Hospitality. It really sank in when I had a trip to a local hospital that was in the 40k range and I had such a sad experience. Granted, hospitals are there only for your medical care, but I still felt that a nice meal was warranted for that price tag!

So I dreamed of my own center that would provide so much more than just maternity care. It would be like visiting new friends. You would feel welcome and just like visiting my old aunties, there would be tea, lemonade, hot apple cider, fresh cookies, or danishes. It might sound like silliness, but visiting your midwife should not feel like you are going to a doctor’s visit.

Birthing Centers Available

Each of our three birthing suites is named after influential people in the birth world. They are designed to make you feel like you’re at home, with rich textures and colors, and beautiful wood furniture. There are bathtubs available for water births, and plenty of space to move around as needed throughout your labor.

William B Newman Birth Suite

Dr. Newman was a local obstetrician, based here in Seminole County. During his career, he delivered more than 10,000 babies. He was the Chief of his unit at 2 hospitals and before his passing, he went on to further his education including a legal degree.

He was a hero to all area midwives, was my backup physician, and he truly believed in midwifery care. I was truly honored to call him my friend.

Gladys Milton Birth Suite

Gladys Milton was a Florida Midwife, born in 1924 in Walton County FL. She was the Founder of the Milton Memorial Birthing Center which is still in operation today with her daughter, Maria. Gladys was inducted into the Florida Women’s Hall of Fame posthumously and she was regarded by many as a folk hero and a pioneer for women’s rights in her beliefs against racial disparity for birthing women.

Marie Francis Birth Suite

Marie Jones Francis was called the “Midwife of Sanford” and delivered more than 4,000 babies in her home on Sixth Avenue, right here in my hometown of Sanford FL. Her Birth Center/home was often tagged as Sanford’s birthplace. She delivered babies in that home for 36 years.

Women's Birth Center

At Heart 2 Heart, we believe in providing the opportunity for women to have a natural birth. Natural, at-home births empower women and provide them with a unique and precious life experience. Each birth at our birthing center is truly unique and is such a powerful moment. The first precious moments of childbirth can be achieved naturally with minimal or no interference all while being safe. At our women’s birth center, we provide a personal and empowering service for your family, so you can experience the birth of your child in the right environment. 

Book Your Free Consultation And Sonogram

During your consultation visit, if you are beyond 7 weeks, we can do a free pregnancy confirmation early ultrasound video as our gift to you.