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Meet Our Team

Pregnancy and having babies is such an exciting time in a family’s life! Every person who supports you and your baby during your birth experience has an important role to play.

Midwives For Support During Your Entire Birthing Journey

Here at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center, you’ll have regular visits with your midwives, Michelle, Emily, and Mary. Administratively, you’ll meet with our Office Manager Kat, and you will have online meetings with Alisha Patrick, our Billing Specialist. Our other team members are equally important to the daily running of our center: our Birth Assistants Gabrielle, Nedy, Anna, Britney, Alyssa. Our Education Department is headed up by Jenn Randall but there are several teachers and doulas involved with childbirth education at Heart 2 Heart.

It’ nice to have a name with a face, so I would like to introduce you to our little family here at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center!

“Part of my own legacy is my career as a midwife and it will be the proven by the midwives who follow in my footsteps and then surpass me. ”

- Michelle Graf-Dixon, LM

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Michelle Graf-Dixon

Licensed Midwife, Founder + Owner

Michelle is the owner of Heart 2 Heart Birth Center and has been a Florida Licensed Midwife practicing at both home birth and birth centers in Florida since the late 80s. She became a licensed midwife in 1997 and was the Program Director for a midwifery program and has personally trained over 20 midwives who are practicing around the country.

Michelle is the mother of two grown sons, both of whom were delivered by midwives as well and her own granddaughter was born here at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center. Her little foot prints can be found on the walls here in a place of honor. Michelle is happily married to her sweetie, Allen and they enjoy horseback riding and motorcycle riding together. Michelle is an avid Disney fan and on days off is most likely heading to a them park for roller coaster adventures.

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Emily Maldonado

LM, CPM (Florida Licensed, Certified Professional Midwife)

Our dear sweet Emily has been with our team since 2018, after competing her rigorous 3 years of education and training at Florida School of Traditional Midwifery and becoming a Florida Licensed Midwife in 2019. She is by far a leader in the midwife community, well respected and loved by everyone she meets.

In her personal life, Emily is married to her high school sweetheart and is has an adorable kitty cat, Halpert, whom Emily adopted as a tiny foundling kitten. She is a skilled musician and has a lovely singing voice. Emily and her husband Cristian, a high school teacher, love history, love to travel, and are very involved with their family and their church.

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Mary Piazza

LM CPM (Florida Licensed, Certified Professional Midwife)

Mary Piazza is a graduate of Commonsense Midwifery School in Winter Garden FL. Mary fell in love with pregnancy and birth when she was a young girl. She then started working as a doula and birth assistant in 2013. She then went on to midwifery school because she believes women should have choices when it comes to childbirth. When not in the office Mary enjoys spending time with her four daughters going to plays and being outside. She is kind and sweet and soft spoken.

Kat Joiner

General Manager

Kat joined the H2H Team back in 2019 where she quickly found love for the birth field and has never felt more at home somewhere. If you call us during business hours, Kat’s voice is the first you’ll hear. She’s kind, concise and uber organized. She is THE person who makes sure your papers get where they belong and is the hub for keeping everything running on track and on schedule in our birth center. She is the first and last person you see when coming for your visits, and she keeps our office upbeat and positive. Her side kick Trixie, our office mascot, is often seen under her feet or in her lap.

Kat enjoys living the Florida lifestyle to the fullest. You’ll often find her paddle board strapped to her truck in the parking lot or run into her at one of the local springs on a beautiful day.

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Gabrielle Rhines

Student Midwife

Gabrielle has always felt a calling for helping others , especially through pregnancy and birth. After witnessing her sister’s beautiful birth, she took the initiative to become trained and certified as a birth & postpartum doula, alongside placenta encapsulation through DONA and H.E.R.B.A.L. She maintains her NRP certification. She currently lives in Orange City with her family.

Gabrielle plans to continue her growth in the birth community by becoming a licensed midwife here in Florida. She is currently a student of the Commonsense Midwifery Program.

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Nedy Segarra

Birth Assistant

Nedy has always felt a passion to care and help others, especially through pregnancy and birth. Witnessing many births and even her very own three, she took the initiative and became trained and certified in labor/postpartum doula and placenta encapsulation through DONA and H.E.R.B.A.L. She maintains her NRP/CPR certification. She currently lives in Deltona with her family and three amazing children.

Nedy plans to continue her growth in the birth community and become an Ultrasound Specialist and a birth photographer with a vision to open her own Birth Community Center one day.

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Anna Heintzelman

Birth Assistant

Anna is a wife and mother of 6 beautiful children, one of which was born at Heart 2 Heart. She has always been passionate about pregnancy, birth and empowering women in their journey. Her grandfather was an OBGYN and her mother was an herbalist so she grew up with the perfect blend of medical and holistic care. Birth work was her natural calling. Anna has completed a Birth Assistant training course and maintains both her NRP and CPR certifications. She is a DONA trained doula as well as a Childbirth Educator. She and her husband Joseph provide classes for couples at The Educated Mama.

She owns Eden Doula Services which provides both birth and postpartum support as well as placenta encapsulation. Her dream is to someday become a licensed midwife.

Alisha Patrick

Birth Assistant

Alisha Patrick has been the Finance Director for Heart 2 Heart a number of years. Ironically, her background is NOT insurance, but is actually in horses, which is where she built a bond with Michelle, the owner of Heart 2 Heart. Alisha delivered her own baby, Madeline, with Heart 2 Heart, so her experience with this company spans both sides (that of a patient and that of an employee) and this gives her a much better perspective on all aspects.

She is your connection to understanding how your insurance plans work if you have insurance, and is there to guide you through the financial stages of your birth experience.

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