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This couple joined us late in practice. She had been going the traditional OBGYN route and was looking for a more intimate and personal experience. She also expressed concerns over being able to birth naturally (without pain medication) in a hospital setting. So when she came in for a consult and tour, she says, it just felt “right”. They really didn’t have as much time to prepare. Typically, birthing folks are in childbirth class around 28 weeks or so. Most classes are 5 week series. There just really wasn’t much way to get her into classes, so they hired a doula (Birth Mamas) who caught her up as much as possible in a short span of time and they did wonderfully! When Stevey came in laboring, she was nervous, but she had great support with her Doula Laura by her side. Stevey birth progressed quickly and in short time, just three hours after arriving, her baby was born en caul (in the bag of waters) into her own hands. Her birth was amazing. She had been so unsure. Unsure if she could do it. But then, she found herself doing what needed to be done. I can’t think of many things as empowering to a woman than giving birth to her child. Each woman tests what she thinks she can do-in ANY setting. But watching Stevey bloom into motherhood today was simply wonderful. She tested her limits, met and matched and then exceeded them. Her man stood beside her, astonished at the process, amazed at her strength, and then we saw him fall deeply in love with his new daughter. So join us in welcoming baby

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