B.R.A.I.N Acronym

The B.R.A.I.N. acronym is a fantastic way to frame conversations with your care provider team. It helps receive information so you can make a decision, while respecting your autonomy as a birthing person ♥ #birthcenter #birthautonomy #empoweredbirth B – benefits R – risks A – alternatives I – intuition N – nothing

Partner Labor tips

Partners are an essential part of pregnancy and labor ♥ Below are a few tips on ways partners can support during labor! 1. Encouraging language 2. Tender touching 3. Nourishment (hydration and food) 4. Knowing the laboring person’s birth preferences These, of course, only scratch the surface. What were some of the favorite ways your […]

Nourishing Food Postpartum

Nourishing your body postpartum supports breastfeeding, recovery, and overall well-being ♥️ As you’re entering the final weeks of pregnancy, talk to your midwife about the best foods to prepare for your fourth trimester at home! #postpartum #firstfortydays #birthcenter

New Baby Girl

Please join us in Welcoming a new baby girl born at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center today after a very peaceful and beautiful labor.