TeleHealth Visits are available for our current patients!


Features Overview



Prenatal Care

Prenatal care consists of routine visits throughout your pregnancy to ensure that you and baby are maintaining a healthy journey together. During your visits, we will be finding out about your past history, your current condition, and planning for future needs to ensure a healthy pregnancy.


Lab Options

Lab work is one of our tools for diagnosing any underlying conditions during your pregnancy that can be indicators for more pertinent issues. Some lab work is pretty standard and is a way to make sure that your body is tolerating these incredible changes to your body. Other labs lie genetic screening, are designed specifically to diagnose fetal developmental markers (such as Downs Syndrome)



Ultrasounds are not just for fun (although it is pretty useful & cool to see your baby in your uterus as it is growing). But in reality, an ultrasound is a diagnostic tool. We can confirm a viable pregnancy with an early ultrasound in our office on the day of your consult or at your initial office visit, if you are at or more than 7 weeks pregnant.