Michelle Graf-Dixon, LM

Hi, I am Michelle, for the last 25 plus years I have lived the life of a midwife.  I received licensure as a Midwife in Orlando, Florida, in 1995.  Prior to becoming licensed in 1995 I attended births, in various capacities, since 1979.  As, a child I was fascinated with birth and all facets surrounding it which is what caused me to pursue becoming a midwife in Orlando.  My mom would say, I had a weird fascination with pregnancy and childbirth from a very early age, tucking my baby doll under my shirt and pretending to “birth” my own baby!

Once I grew up and became pregnant I already knew I would seek out a midwife to care for me throughout my pregnancies.  I learned so much about pregnancy from Ina Mae Gaskin https://inamay.com .  I delivered my own children at a birth center and then at home with a midwife.

I have owned a home birth midwife practice in Orlando, FL since 1995.  Our original website www.orlandobirthcenter.com still exists today.  Reading our testimonials speaks of the continued service the midwives of central Florida have continued to give to women, https://www.h2hbirthcenter.com/testimonials/ .

Midwives have been around for millennia delivering babies present and past.  Modern Orlando, FL midwives are highly educated, trained, with extensive knowledge and experience.  Our midwives go through rigorous schooling to offer you safe alternatives to hospital delivery.  However, if your desire is to deliver in the hospital we will be with you every step of the way.

Choosing our Orlando area midwife is the best choice if you are looking for low interventions and a home like setting.  Our midwives care for a variety of women in a low risk setting, to give you the birth you’ve researched. Call us today for your free consultation.  We look forward to serving you and your family.  Boom!