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Have you ever wondered how you will get through natural childbirth? Or if you would even be able to do it? We understand what your concerns are, and we have tried and true methods that have been used time and time again for helping women achieve their goals of the natural childbirth experience. 

On this page, we have provided resources that will give you ideas on how natural techniques for comfort measures can be used! We will also provide you with information regarding medicated pain management so that you can be educated on ALL of your choices. Although our goal is a natural birth experience, we understand the need for pain medication on occasion, so we want to make sure you are informed and educated on all available comfort measures.

These featured techniques, along with a helpful, confident partner and/or doula, are the tools you will need if you wish to labor without medication (or to postpone an epidural, if you choose to have a hospital birth).  

Childbirth classes are the best place to get started on your journey toward a natural birth experience. Call Jenn Randall at Florida Childbirth Classes today to schedule your series so that you can have the birth experience you desire!