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Heart 2 Heart Birth Center is now the longest practicing premiere birthing center serving Sanford, Fl.

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Your legacy as a woman having a baby begins with stories you will hear from other women. If you are considering a natural, out of hospital birth experience, it is likely that your story will differ greatly from other women in our culture, so your story will be uniquely YOURS, not theirs.

Each birth is singularly different, like a fingerprint. And each story is the beginning of that baby’s legend.



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"What a BEAUTIFUL facility! I love how you feel like you are at home here. So grateful for Michelle. She’s thorough, very knowledgeable and gives great detail to everything you need to feel comfortable with your birth. I highly recommend H2H for any mama wanting to feel safe, supported and loved! Thank you for all you ladies do in the community!"
- Nicole B.
"Had my son at H2H with Emily. It was even more amazing than I ever imagined. The second I walked in the door I had a contraction and Emily was right there to help me through it. She was very hands off but by my side when I needed her. I felt free to listen to my body and birth how I wanted. All of the midwives and staff during my prenatal care were fantastic too! I love how they treat pregnancy like a natural normal thing, unlike doctors who made me feel like pregnancy was a medical condition. Loved my experience with H2H!"
- Tara R.

Ligia’s Birth Testimonial

Nicole's Birth Testimonial

Frequently Ask Questions

We will review your medical history and discuss your childbirth expectations and see if you are a good candidate for a natural, out of hospital birth (either at home or in our center). During your consultation visit, if you are beyond 7 weeks, we can do a free pregnancy confirmation early ultrasound video as our gift to you.

Yes. Heart 2 Heart Birth Center is a State Licensed facility. This means that we adhere to state guidelines throughout your pregnancy, providing care to low risk, healthy moms. If higher risk issues are identified, we either consult with our back up physician, refer our patients for collaborative care with other local health professionals, or if necessary, transfer care to a higher level medical team. Call us today to see if you qualify for a natural birth experience!

Currently Heart 2 Heart Birth Center offer self payment plans for uninsured patients. We are in network with MOST commercial plans (exclusions: Humana, TriCare and Blue Cross Blue Shield- but you can use your out of network benefits!).

As of 12/31/21, we accept Florida Medicaid Sunshine and Staywell plans, but if you have a different plan, let us know how we can proceed.

Yes. As we are moving through the Covid 19 pandemic time line, we are all finding our “new normal”. On a daily basis for our clinic, that means entering our facility still requires screening of symptoms and temperature checks. Asymptomatic guests may remove their masks if they prefer. Partners are encouraged to come to visits. Prenatally, if a mom has had direct exposure or has tested positive for Covid19, telehealth appointments will be arranged until mom’s test is negative or all symptoms have stopped for 2 full weeks. On a more personal note, most of our staff has opted to be vaccinated to protect others that we are in contact with.

Many people ask what this looks like for our laboring moms. Laboring moms are not required to wear masks. Guests are still limited, but always have been, since your delivery room is standard bedroom size and childbirth is not a spectator sport. We are so sorry that we do not have room for extended family members to wait while a baby is being delivered, so family members are directed to wait at home until mom is discharged, or come for a short visit an hour or so after new baby has been born. Most moms can go home after 4 hours, if they choose, so family members can see baby very soon after birth. We do have home birth as an option for families who want more

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During your consultation visit, if you are beyond 7 weeks, we can do a free pregnancy confirmation early ultrasound video as our gift to you.