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Heart 2 Heart Birth Center was founded by Midwife Michelle Graf-Dixon with the sole purpose of serving our community with the highest level of midwifery care available to Florida patients. Midwives are birth junkies. They are all passionate about their work. Some do hime birth, some deliver babies in birth centers, and some midwives deliver in hospitals. Heart 2 Heart focuses on birth center care only at this time. 


Over shoulder portrait of young woman holding new born baby daughter in birthing pool at home

Water Birth Options

Yes, we do water birth. We designed our birth suites at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center to cater to your desire for a peaceful, beautiful, and carefully attended water birth. Our tubs are jetted and heated and deep.

prenatal care

Prenatal care is an important part of being pregnant. Our midwives will check up on you throughout your pregnancy to make sure that everything’s going smoothly, and also offer some advice for any problems along the way!


birth place options

birth center Or Home Birth

We believe that each woman deserves to feel comfortable during her pregnancy and birth experience. For this reason, our center always provides private rooms for expectant clients — whereas at most hospitals you’ll be moved into a semi-private room once delivered unless your insurance covers it (many don’t).


The first few weeks after giving birth are an exciting time as your body heals and adjusts to the fact that you’re no longer pregnant. There will be many changes for each woman, but they all center around one thing: getting back into shape! At Heart 2 Heart Birth Center, we take this time period into consideration and help you learn what options are available to you after your birth.

Transfers and Our Birth Renewed Program

Not all births will happen at the birth center or home. Sometimes it is necessary to go to a local hospital. If this happens, it does not mean you are not under our care anymore. We think of it as a “detour” and once the baby has been delivered and you are discharged, you are back in under our postpartum care.

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