TeleHealth Visits are available for our current patients!

We are back to having staff meetings and training sessions in person with social distancing as best as possible. Most of us are vaccinated, but we are still being as careful as we can be. But just like any other “labor and delivery unit”, your team needs to be synchronized in its drills and skills.

Emily took lead today, we practiced shoulder dystocia, hemorrhage, shock, and resuscitation. Skills every midwife needs to be ready for at every birth.

Last week, in the span of a few days, Emily handled each of these complications with determination and expertise. Birth is unpredictable, but our training includes anticipating these complications at every turn. Her motto is “Early intervention is less intervention” and it has proven itself time and time again. My motto is to think three steps ahead in every situation and I see it inside my mind like an algorithm diagram.

Either way, our team is ready. Ready if you need us. Most of you won’t test our skill levels (thank you very much). Most births works just the way birth is supposed to. Our birth assistants, student midwives, and midwife staff are here, Living it. Loving it. Practicing it. Keeping our skills sharp. We are ready. Ready for you and your baby.

Thank you to my team: Emily Maldonado, Mary Piazza (not present today), Gabrielle, Nedy, Aelis, Britney, Alyssa, and Andrea.

Oh, and special thanks to our Natera rep for more information on Alora, Panorama, and Natera genetic screenings. We appreciate being on the cutting edge of fetal information!


Practice makes perfect.