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About H2h Birth Center: Why Choose Heart 2 Heart Birth Center

With Heart 2 Heart Birth Center, choosing a healthcare provider isn’t just about choosing the closest facility. Sometimes it’s about whom you feel most comfortable with and are as like-minded as you. Learn more about what we believe here!

We provide a natural alternative to the traditional hospital birth for natural minded mamas in the greater Orlando area.

At Heart 2 Heart Birth Center, we believe that childbirth is a normal function of the human body, and is typically a normal, uncomplicated process for healthy, low-risk women.  Making the choice to birth outside of the hospital gives you the freedom to make choices for yourself and your baby that may not be available in a hospital setting, such as freedom of movement, having a waterbirth, and eating and drinking to your comfort.  Due to our lower volume, our caring staff is able to cater to each family’s needs on an individual basis.  This results in a personalized, intimate experience, free of unnecessary interventions. Florida Birth Centers are governed under Florida Statute and have similar requirements and regulations to maintain as local hospital labor and delivery units.

State Licensed vs. Nationally Accredited

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center has been a member in good standing with the American Association of Birth Centers for many years. The AABC sets the standards for excellent care for birth centers in the US, so of course, we follow the standards written by the AABC to the letter.

As the owner of Heart 2 Heart Birth Center, I chose not to become nationally accredited through the AABC, simply because it gives us no benefit as a business or a birth center. Certification does not lower Medical Malpractice Insurance premiums, it does not get us better contracted rates with premium insurance companies or with Florida Medicaid plans. It does not change how we practice or how we are perceived in our community.

Instead, being a State of Florida Licensed Birth Center means that we are inspected by several Florida Agencies annually, whereas becoming nationally certified through the AABC only includes being inspected biannually. I personally feel that being inspected more regularly helps us to hold ourselves to higher standards, and this is an opinion shared by over 20 other Florida Birth Centers who are declining national certification.

a member in good standing with the AABC since 1997.

This means that we hold our birth center to the same standards designed by this organization as any nationally certified birth centers….

The American Association of Birth Centers (AABC) sets national standards for providing a consistent and specific tool for measuring the quality of services provided to childbearing families in birth centers. Federal and state regulation, licensure, and national accreditation constitute branches of external evaluation of quality in birth centers. Licensing protects the public by monitoring compliance to codes, ordinances and a variety of regulations. Some states and municipalities are very specific and uniform in the level of requirements for safe operation…

The standards and attributes for national accreditation are uniformly applied in all localities, thereby eliminating state and local inconsistency. Meeting the standards of accreditation indicates to clients, states, health and liability insurance agencies, consulting providers, and hospitals that a birth center has met a high standard of evidence-based and widely recognized benchmarks for maternity care, neonatal care, business operations, and safety. A strong internal quality improvement program, in accordance with the standards, promotes success with external measurements of quality. Continuing accreditation demonstrates to consumers and other entities that best practices are being met and maintained by a birth center.

An Evidence Based Birth Center....

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center’s midwives pride themselves on the information that we provide to our patients. We believe that knowledge is power and we are all about empowering our fellow women in our community. We have spent years and years developing our skills and gathering the the most reliable information available so that we can provide our mamas with MORE. But don’t just take our word for it! Check it out! This is exactly why Heart 2 Heart Birth Center considers itself an Evidence Based Birth Center. If we advise you in a certain direction, we are going to provide you with the research behind it.

What NACPM has to say about home birth and birth center births..

Heart 2 Heart Birth Center’s midwives are not just Florida Licensed Midwives. We hold ourselves to a national midwifery standard as well, similar to what OBGYNs do through The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG). For us, the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives set the standards nationwide.

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